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A wedding in the castle with view on Como Lake

A wedding in the castle with view on Lake Como

July 2nd, 2017

Finally passed the torrid weeks of June, we are preparing to live this wedding in the hills behind Lecco.

We will have a beutiful view on Lake Como, if the clouds on the sky will pass and let the sun britght on us.

The tension is there, it is undeniable.

After all, it is their day, but we are accompanied by the usual certainty that nothing bad will happen today.

como lake


In a hamlet of Calolziocorte, on the hills above Lecco, there is a square and from that square there is a path that goes up towards a castle.

It’s the Castle of Rossino, the castle of the Unnamed, a place through which you can go back in time and relive, albeit for a while, the atmosphere of the Promessi Sposi by Alessandro Manzoni

Now it’s up to Miriam.

There is a light that blinds us, out there. There is a lake that listens to us and a man who awaits us.

Here, now everything is ready.



The veil is arranged, the bouquet in the hands, Marco is waiting for us, with his hands outstretched behind his back and his nervous smile.

We will cross his eyes and a thrill will run along the hand, and the lip will hatch a little and we will remember that day when he gave us the first kiss.

We could not imagine that that day it would end like this


Is the love of those around us measurable? Is there a way to be able to say with absolute certainty that those around us love us?

Yes. Simply standing with them, at their side, allowing us to be amazed by their gaze on us and the world.



Here, see, now all this, today, is simply for us.

It’s me and you, one thing.



One thing, but never alone


With me, Elisa Ducoli

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